Immersive Tours with Sri Lanka

With holiday tour operators around the world boasting the same packages, we at Jovial Travels have a sensory enhanced, immersive tour built just for you.

Explore the world with your senses and discover history, architecture, culture, wildlife and the love for living – all in a new and experiential way.

Witness the breathtaking sunrise and sunsets atop the rock fortress of Sigiriya. Marvel at the brilliant, bright hues of the traditional city of Kandy, oh and lets not forget, the glittering azure waters of the ocean that call out to visitors.

As you journey through the pearl-shaped island, don’t wear your usual earphones. Instead, listen. Be serenaded by the symphony of Sri Lanka.  From the rhythmic beats of the traditional drums that will welcome you into each resort, to the call of the world’s most exotic birds as the glide across the bright, blue skies. Listen. Hear the bustling city of Colombo as locals rush around or maybe to roars of the leopards that hide in the jungles but make noise to note theri presence. Sri Lanka is calling, can you hear it?

To the foodies who are looking for an adventure, yours begin in the banana leaf plates that carry a bygone era of food. tastes of spices that have won wars, of flavours so unique, Sri Lanka has won titles for its delicious cuisine from the likes of CNN Traveller to Conde Nast. Looking for an adventure in your mouth – this is where you’ll find it.

Lastly, feel. Feel the warm sun as it kisses your skin. Feel the soft sands that cushion your bare feet as you walk the shores. Allow the tepid waters of the Indian Ocean to tickle your toes. Brush your fingers through the plush greenery of the deep jungles or run your palm through the ancient stone walls of kingdoms from the yesteryears.

Travel with Jovial, experience Sri Lanka


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